July 8th, 2009

Piñata Party!

Our Piñata Party was awesome today! All the kids arrived at 11:00am and just minutes after they arrived all of the fun began. I first started off by asking them if they knew what a piñata was. All of them answered yes, but not everyone had been able to break one before, and none of them had ever made one from scratch before.

Once I told the kids that we would be stuffing a monkey piñata full of candy and prizes, then we were going to break it open, and then everyone was going to get to make there very own to take so they could break it with their families excitement filled the air.

Monkey Pinata

Sweet Monkey Piñata!

Up to Bat!

Taking turns hitting the monkey.

After we broke the monkey and everyone got tons of treats and prizes we were all pumped to make our own.  All we needed to make piñatas with was a cardboard cereal box, a big bowl, white glue, water, and a whole bunch of newspapers.  With all the supplies set-up we were ready to go.  Check out one of the kids having fun dunking the newspaper into the glue and then dripping it off before plastering it onto her cereal box.


With just an hour of drying, some paper mache, and some really creative kids, below is just one example of what we made.

Good Job lil monkeys!

Sponge Bob and an Easter Egg!  Looks great!

June 23rd, 2009

Cheese… Chuck E. Cheese!

This picture sums up how much fun our lil’ monkeys had today!

I love being a lil' monkey!

Being a lil’ monkey is awesome!

June 23rd, 2009

Wet and Wild!

Today we had so much fun doing summer Olympics lil’ monkeys style!  Just imagine how much fun you can have with a few baseball mitts, hula hopes, playing hot potato, and relay racing and then mixing in a hose, 200 water balloons, and squirt guns?  Our lil’ monkeys didn’t have to imagine because they experienced it!

The rain finally stopped and the sun came out, so we did too!  After applying sun screen and changing into our swim suits we spent the day playing, racing, throwing, and having fun in the sun!


Racing down the field and back while trying to keep those water balloons from going splash!

The Ring of Fire!

Throwing water balloons through the our “ring of fire”!

June 23rd, 2009

Classic Skating!

Today was the first day of lil’ monkeys and we had a blast!  The kids arrived at the Springville location at 11am and the fun lasted until 4pm.  Once all the kids arrived we traveled to Orem for a fun day at Classic Skating!  It was a great way to kick off our summer of fun.

Classic is great because no matter what age or skill level, their is something for everyone! The kids could skate, Rollerblade or bring a scooter from home.  The kids had a blast playing classic games like, wipe out, girls only and boys only skate offs, and of course the hokie pokie.

In addition to the kids loving to roll around on the skate floor they also got to jump, slide, and bounce around on several inflatable toys that were set up in the middle of the skate floor.  In between all the fun skating games were bouncing games too!  One of our lil’ monkeys beat all of the other kids at Classic by keeping his balance while jumping up and down 20 times on an inflatable platform!  His name was annouced as the winner and he was given a prize.  Our lil’ monkeys rock!

I won!

Showing he won by bouncing 20 times!

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